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Mike does cars, not crafts.

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My husband, Mike, doesn’t do crafts. He doesn’t like to scrapbook. He doesn’t make wreaths with me. He doesn’t love to paint. I will say he is always very enthusiastic about what I do make. He says its nice that I do things that make me happy. I agree. I think everyone should quest to find these things. I have a few pictures of what Mike likes to do.

Here is the during… (He was replacing the cluster gague on the dash – I only know this because that’s what he told me.)

And the after…

I just don’t get it. How does he know where all 30 (different lengths and sizes) screws go? How about which connectors go with which button thingys? I have no idea how he does this. Then again, he doesn’t understand how I sit down with an empty book, a million pieces of paper, stickers, letters and pictures and end up with an amazing scrapbook. I’ll keep buying craft supplies and he can keep buying car parts. Either way, it makes him happy and that makes me happy too.

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