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Holidays and Dessert. Yum.

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First and foremost, I hope you all had the most wonderful 4th of July! Here’s the beautiful wreath I made a week or so ago. WooHoo!

I was flipping through a no-bake book I bought for a friend’s kid’s school fundraiser recently and came across a super yummy looking recipe.

I should probably inform you ahead of time.. hubbs and I, we love Reeses. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter, really.
If you do not, you should probably refrain from reading this post.
Here’s the recipe.

Double Layer Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
4oz Cream cheese, softened
1tbsp Sugar
2 Cup plus 1 tbsp Milk, divided
1 Cup peanut butter
1 8oz container Cool Whip, thawed and divided
1 9in graham cracker crust
2 (3.9oz) instant chocolate pudding mix
4 peanut butter cups cut into 1/2 in pieces (I used about 10 mini Reeses)

 – In a large bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, 1 tbsp milk and peanut butter until smooth then gently stir in 1 1/2 cups cool whip

 – Spread mixture evenly over the bottom of the pie crust

 – In a separate bowl, combine chocolate pudding mixes with 2 cups of milk. Mix well until thick (I used a wisk.)

– Fold in remaining cool whip

 – Spread mixture evenly over peanut butter layer in pie crust.
 – Scatter peanut butter cup pieces over top of pie
 – Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving

That’s it. Easy, right?

As soon as we break into this baby, I’ll post a picture of the inside and tell you how yummy I’m already certain it will be!


Great day.. bad craft?

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I spent yesterday with my husband. We spend every Sunday together. It’s always our day, no matter what. While he was playing Xbox, I got involved in a craft.
I had problems with it from the get-go. I intended to make something like this.
Maybe I should have started with a semi-cute frame to begin with. I definitely should have started with a wooden frame. I started with the most obnoxious bright “gold” plastic frame.
I used half a bottle of paint on the thing because after it actually started to stick to the plastic it sucked it right up. It would be beautiful and shiny and then dry flat and half covered.
Then I threw some stencils on there. I was already too irritated. I should have walked away and come back later. I didn’t. Again, I threw some stencils on there.
Then I attached my screen. While I was putting my screen on there the table it was on scratched up the front of my frame. I thought I could make it better so I took some sand paper to the thing.
Another brilliant idea of mine. Hah.
The reason I can’t decide if it was an unfortunate ending is because, really, it doesn’t look SO bad. It certainly serves it’s purpose. Maybe I just hate it so much because of the trouble it gave me. It was supposed to be hot pink but its sort of purple.. and looks kind of neat against my teal-ish walls. I would have before and during pictures except I had some phone issues between then and now. Enough with the stories anyway. Here’s the end product. You tell me if it’s an “unfortunate ending” or not.

The coloring is off a bit. Its sort of like a pink purple with brown stencils and my walls are like an aqua.

What say ye?

Mike does cars, not crafts.

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My husband, Mike, doesn’t do crafts. He doesn’t like to scrapbook. He doesn’t make wreaths with me. He doesn’t love to paint. I will say he is always very enthusiastic about what I do make. He says its nice that I do things that make me happy. I agree. I think everyone should quest to find these things. I have a few pictures of what Mike likes to do.

Here is the during… (He was replacing the cluster gague on the dash – I only know this because that’s what he told me.)

And the after…

I just don’t get it. How does he know where all 30 (different lengths and sizes) screws go? How about which connectors go with which button thingys? I have no idea how he does this. Then again, he doesn’t understand how I sit down with an empty book, a million pieces of paper, stickers, letters and pictures and end up with an amazing scrapbook. I’ll keep buying craft supplies and he can keep buying car parts. Either way, it makes him happy and that makes me happy too.

Cheesecake filled strawberries.

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Lets get this party started, shall we?

My husband and I are attending a rib cook-off tonight. We wont be cooking any ribs, just eating and judging. I decided since we weren’t contributing ribs I should at least bring a dessert. I found one version here. The other was a pure strike of genius while wandering the aisles of Walmart.

I would like to preface this by saying I’m not a fancy photographer. I’m a lady with a lovely little iPhone. I use said phone to take all my pictures. Maybe one day I’ll break out that nice camera my husband bought me for Christmas…

Regular Cheesecake Strawberries – You will need:
2 lbs of strawberries
Graham cracker crumbs (about two crackers worth)
8oz softened cream cheese
3.5 tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Rinse strawberries and cut around the top. Remove top and clean out with a paring knife. I used a melon baller on some of the really large ones. Cut a tiny bit off the bottom of the berry so that it has a flat bottom and will stand. Prep and set aside.

  • In a mixing bowl beat cream cheese, powdered sugar and vanilla until creamy. Fill strawberries with mixture. I used a spoon and a clean finger.. you could use a piping bag or a ziplock bag as well.
  • Dip the top of your filled strawberries in the graham cracker crumbs. refrigerate until serving.

Chocolate Cheesecake filled Strawberries – You will need
2 lbs of strawberries
Philadelphia Indulgence Dark Chocolate cream cheese (softened)
Graham cracker crumbs (about two crackers worth)

The yummy chocolate Philadelphia stuff.
This is the amazing stuff you’ll be looking for!


  • Rinse strawberries and cut around the top. Remove top and clean out with a paring knife. I used a melon baller on some of the really large ones. Cut a tiny bit off the bottom of the berry so that it has a flat bottom and will stand. Prep and set aside.
  • Fill strawberries with the indulgence and dip the top into the graham cracker crumbs.

I did a mixture of the regular and chocolate cheesecakes. I used three lbs of strawberries about three crackers worth of graham crumbs and ended up using about 2/3 of the indulgence. I did have a little of the regular cheesecake mix left but I wasnt too worried as we’ll just use that as a fruit dip!! In my opinion the chocolate ones are better.. and certainly less work! Hope you have enjoyed my first recipe.


UPDATE: These were an absolute hit at the cook-off tonight! After sitting in the fridge after I made them, the chocolate ones were by far better than the regular cheesecake. Maybe that’s just personal preference.. but there weren’t many left of either by the end of the party.

All about this pretty little blog.

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I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time. Why I never actually got around to it before, I’ll never really know. Honestly? It’s probably because I’m really indecisive and couldn’t think of a good name. I really love crafting and cooking. My bank account hates that I love crafting. My husband only puts up with the crafting because of the cooking and baking. Here I’ll share with you all the good (and bad) that comes of my crafting and cooking.

As for the occasional ranting.. I really love people in general.. I do. I just have a serious problem with stupidity. I have a fairly short temper (being Italian & Sicilian is my excuse) and I have a hard time being patient with people. This does not apply to  the elderly, children or people with special needs. I’m not a bad person.. I just don’t understand why (yesterday) people let their children at Michael’s take a bite out of a wreath form and then hang it back on the shelf. Of course, it was the only one of that size left.. the exact size I needed. Or why (today) I go to Walmart to get ingredients to make my lovely cheesecake strawberries (don’t worry, more about those later!) and I have to return the cream cheese because someone opened the package and stuck their finger in it. These are the things I have a problem with.

Now that you know what to expect from me. I expect you to have a good time.. get some great recipe ideas, laugh at my terrible fails (there will be a few of these, I assure you), do some crafts, input your ideas and hopefully you can laugh along with my rants or just ignore that part of this pretty little blog. 🙂


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