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Great day.. bad craft?

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I spent yesterday with my husband. We spend every Sunday together. It’s always our day, no matter what. While he was playing Xbox, I got involved in a craft.
I had problems with it from the get-go. I intended to make something like this.
Maybe I should have started with a semi-cute frame to begin with. I definitely should have started with a wooden frame. I started with the most obnoxious bright “gold” plastic frame.
I used half a bottle of paint on the thing because after it actually started to stick to the plastic it sucked it right up. It would be beautiful and shiny and then dry flat and half covered.
Then I threw some stencils on there. I was already too irritated. I should have walked away and come back later. I didn’t. Again, I threw some stencils on there.
Then I attached my screen. While I was putting my screen on there the table it was on scratched up the front of my frame. I thought I could make it better so I took some sand paper to the thing.
Another brilliant idea of mine. Hah.
The reason I can’t decide if it was an unfortunate ending is because, really, it doesn’t look SO bad. It certainly serves it’s purpose. Maybe I just hate it so much because of the trouble it gave me. It was supposed to be hot pink but its sort of purple.. and looks kind of neat against my teal-ish walls. I would have before and during pictures except I had some phone issues between then and now. Enough with the stories anyway. Here’s the end product. You tell me if it’s an “unfortunate ending” or not.

The coloring is off a bit. Its sort of like a pink purple with brown stencils and my walls are like an aqua.

What say ye?


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I am a very happily married woman who loves all things cooking and crafting. I enjoy sharing bits of my life and things I love doing with those around me, hoping they will find a bit of peace and happiness in it as well.

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