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I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time. Why I never actually got around to it before, I’ll never really know. Honestly? It’s probably because I’m really indecisive and couldn’t think of a good name. I really love crafting and cooking. My bank account hates that I love crafting. My husband only puts up with the crafting because of the cooking and baking. Here I’ll share with you all the good (and bad) that comes of my crafting and cooking.

As for the occasional ranting.. I really love people in general.. I do. I just have a serious problem with stupidity. I have a fairly short temper (being Italian & Sicilian is my excuse) and I have a hard time being patient with people. This does not apply to  the elderly, children or people with special needs. I’m not a bad person.. I just don’t understand why (yesterday) people let their children at Michael’s take a bite out of a wreath form and then hang it back on the shelf. Of course, it was the only one of that size left.. the exact size I needed. Or why (today) I go to Walmart to get ingredients to make my lovely cheesecake strawberries (don’t worry, more about those later!) and I have to return the cream cheese because someone opened the package and stuck their finger in it. These are the things I have a problem with.

Now that you know what to expect from me. I expect you to have a good time.. get some great recipe ideas, laugh at my terrible fails (there will be a few of these, I assure you), do some crafts, input your ideas and hopefully you can laugh along with my rants or just ignore that part of this pretty little blog. 🙂



About cmlampl

I am a very happily married woman who loves all things cooking and crafting. I enjoy sharing bits of my life and things I love doing with those around me, hoping they will find a bit of peace and happiness in it as well.

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